What's Going Around

Symptoms seen week during last week of school

This week has had very low incidents of absences due to illness. Things that have been reported.

-Allergy symptoms are high right now: itchy, red eyes; nasal congestion/dripping;coughing; asthma attacks-  if your child has seasonal allergies, please give them daily antihistamine like zyrtec or claritin. Over the counter nasal steroids like Flonase or Nasocort can also be helpful.  You can also try allergy eyedrops to relieve itchy, red eyes.  Make sure your child showers before bed to get all the pollen off their body and out of their hair.  Allergies can make eyes look like pink eye, and infections can develop if children rub their eyes a lot.  Pinkeye will usually have a thick white or yellow drainage. Allergies will usually just have watery drainage.

- Few vomiting/diarrhea illness

-Few fever and cough

-Cold Symptoms/ Allergy Symptoms

-Lice-  lice is always present in approximately 1% of the US population, we have had occasional cases being reported at Shawanoe since August, please see district health services webpage here for district lice policies.