Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program

Shawanoe takes part in the USDA's Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program. Every week our students are served a snack consisting of a fruit or vegetable 2 days a week. We serve the snack in the classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  When the students are enjoying their snack, they are also given education about the fruit or vegetable being eaten. This program is a good way to get 2 extra servings of fruits or vegetables per week, teach kids about the importance of eating a healthy diet consisting of servings of fruits and vegetables and lets them try some new fruits or vegetables that they may have not had before.  I will update this page weekly to let you know what snacks your child will be eating that week.

Here is more information about this program.

FFVP Fact Sheet

FFVP documento de hechos

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables that will be served May 3rd and May 5th are: mangoes and artichokes.   You can have your student use their Ipad or you can use a smartphone to scan the QR codes and watch the videos in this document to learn more about those items.